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Patellar (Knee Cap) Problems

Patellar (Knee Cap) : Diagnosis, Treatment & Prevention

Patellar ( kneecap  ) problems, also called knee cap problems, cause problems in knee joints like discomfort, pain and problems in function and mobility. Conditions and injuries are associated with patellar that impact differently; here are some common patellar problems given below as follows - 

Patella Dislocation - This condition occurs when the patella slips out from its actual position towards the outer side of the knee. It causes deep pain, swelling and difficulty in straightening the leg. Patella dislocation requires medical intervention to shift the patella to its actual position. 

Patellar subluxation - Patellar subluxation is similar to patellar dislocation, where partial or temporary dislocation of the patella happens. The kneecap may move outside the groove but automatically return to its normal position. It causes pain instability and severe pain in the functionality of the knees. 

Patellar tendinitis  - Patellar tendinitis is a type of complex knee disorder under which the patellar tendon, which connects the patella to the shinbone, becomes inflamed. Commonly, this injury occurs with sports persons involved in various physical activities where jumping and other knee movements are very repetitive. The symptoms of this condition include tenderness and swelling around the front section of the knee.  


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Patellofemoral pain syndrome- In this type of knee disorder, severe pain and discomfort around the front section of the knee arise, typically around or behind the patella. Thus, the condition occurs due to improper tracking of the patella in the femoral groove, which causes inflammation. The results of this condition include overuse, muscle imbalances or any biochemical problems. 

Chondromalacia patellae - During this condition, softening and degeneration of the cartilage around the underside of the patella occur, which causes overuse, injury or abnormalities in patellar alignment.  Chondromalacia patella specifically causes pain and grinding during functioning and knee movements.  

Treatments of patellar ( knee cap )  problems depend on the specific condition and instability of the patellar related to the knee disorder.  There are several types of cures to this patellar knee cap condition, such as physical therapy, medication, compression, elevation,  surgeries,  settling down the muscle around the knees,  improving your knee movements mechanics and working on the causes are some of the essential treatment techniques for patellar need disorder.

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