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Frozen Shoulder

Frozen Shoulder: Understanding The Condition And Finding Relief

Frozen shoulders, also termed adhesive capsulitis, are conditions that affect the shoulder joints, leading to pain and stiffness, allowing no range of motion and improper functionality of the shoulders. This disorder gradually appears or develops over time, causing significant discomfort and impairment in mobility and function.


The exact cause of this frozen shoulder disorder is still unknown. Still, many factors claim that it commonly occurs after shoulder immobilization, like after surgery injury or prolonged immobilization. Other factors include people who cross their age over 40 in men and women, after which they can face their developed medical conditions.


The primary symptom of a frozen shoulder is pain, which worsens with the movement and, occasionally, the pain. It usually starts and becomes persistent over time. Stiffness is another symptom of a frozen shoulder. The shoulders become very difficult to move, leading to problems in daily activities and even doing some essential work like dressing, combing, or picking up objects.


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Frozen shoulders treatment

Frozen shoulder treatment aims to cure the pain, restore shoulder mobility, and improve the overall functioning of the shoulders. The therapy combines non-synergistic interventions and surgical procedures. Here are some of the treatment options given below for frozen shoulder treatment.

  • Pain relief
  • physical therapies 
  • corticosteroid injection
  • hydrolyzation manipulation under anesthesia surgery

Recovery process

The recovery process for the frozen soldier varies from person to person. It takes several months to even years to regain full shoulder mobility and function. The recovery involves regular physical exercises and doing several shoulder-prescribed things to quickly achieve the best possible outcomes.  

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